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Your Friendly Staff

Dennis Widmyer

Dennis Widmyer
Founder / Webmaster /
Copywriter / Editor In Chief
Member Name: Dennis
Twitter handle: @denniswidmyer

Kirk Clawes

Kirk Clawes
Coding / Site Design /
Member Name: Kirk 
Twitter handle: @kclawes

Clayton Gerstner
Site Technician
Member Name: polumna

Margaret Goforth-Ward
Asst. Copy Writer / Editor
Member Name: Meg Goforth-Ward

Daisy Lola
Tumblr Webmistress

We Wish to Acknowledge and Thank...

...the following people, who served an important part in the evolution of this website over the years.

Mirka Hodorova
Mark Vanderpool
Brad Choma
Joshua Chaplinsky
Roland Gaberz
Tina Estlin-Page
Kareem Badr
J. Kabol
Richard Thomas
Brandon Tietz
Kasey Carpenter
Pete Goutis
Frank (smartazboy)
Zach Brown
Jim Krenz
Rita Su
Zaki Qayoumi
Ash Mason
Tom Dzolan
Drew Fowler
Will Tupper

and Amy Dalton